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Brio Train Sets

A wooden train set running on a wooden track system hardly sounds exhilarating; but don’t you believe it! There is such an incredible range of sets from which to choose – and to suit different age groups. Not only that, but there is the excitement of expanding your set with additional track, a bridge, a tunnel, houses, people – there are any number of possibilities.  You can also mix and match to create your own personal lay-out. What is more, each set is beautifully crafted from the finest beech wood and the chunky pieces are safe and easy to handle.


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Three-years plus is the age group justifiably targeted by Brio as research has shown that children of this age are developing their hand and eye co-ordination as well as their imagination, so a product like this is ideal for their development in a fun environment. They can let their imagination run riot as they act out stories centred on the railway set of their choice.

There is, for example, the Fun in the Farm Starter Set, or the Freight Yard Set, which is one of the most popular ranges. The latter can be expanded by adding smaller sets, such as the Freight Crane and Freight Circle.

The range of My First Train Sets is also a great choice for small children. It comes with three carriages, a track, and a padded house to place on the track through which the train can pass.  The other wonderful thing about this set is that the train can also be played with off the track.

The Rail & Road Travel Set incorporates a road as well as the railway track, enabling children to include cars in their role play; while the Cargo Harbour set has a container ship, thus completing the travel triumvirate of road, rail and sea. Incidentally, the double sided Train Play Mat is an excellent way of setting railway scenes.

Battery operated train sets are ideal for older children as they can build their own track and then watch as the train travels around on its own. They will take great delight in seeing the train make its journey around a track that they have constructed themselves. There are also many different pieces of accessories you can buy for them – carriages, bridges, tunnels, stations, buildings and cranes, for example – to add to the fun.

Children will play for hours with their Brio wooden train sets and it has been known for parents to have a go when they think their offspring are not watching, such is the appeal of these delightful toys.